And The “BRAVE HEART” Award Goes To: BIKE RACERS! Still Think You Are FEARLESS? Incredible Gyroscope Camera Footage!

Before starting with the description of the footage below, we must praise the pretty smart gyroscope camera set up that captures the insane skills that one bike driver has to possess in order to achieve incredible accomplishments on the road. Riding a bike like this takes an incredible amount of skill and talent! This gyroscope camera captured many incredible moments that will definitely leave you speechless! This video is recorded during Macau Grand Prix 2013 and the amazing rider is the German born star Didier Grams, who is an already known professional that brush the walls with ease. That exact moment is purely captured in this video, where Grams gets really close to the walls on the track. This fascinating footage will surely get you a good sense of scale and will confirm the fact that one little mistake can have fatal coincidences.

Moreover, it will make you feel like Grams for a moment and just by watching him your adrenaline will start pumping. We must advise you however, not to try and not to do this the next time you ride a bike! Doing this takes a lot of practice, and like we said earlier, even the smallest mistake can have dire consequences!
However, if you are a mother and your son`s dream is to become a star like this, we suggest you to not watch this video. 
For you ladies, we have this alternative video where one mom is freaking out and crying while her teen son tries the family car. Have you reacted the same? Hope not. The dad however, is incredibly calm, it`s even suspicious! Was this to prank the mom? We might never know! The footage of the son`s test drive however, will certainly brighten up your day! Make sure you don`t miss it! Have fun!

At last, have a good laugh with this commercial showing what’s it like if a kid is driving a car!