V8 BMW Trike! Would You Dare To Ride This Thing!

If you`re a fan of trikes, you`re going to love this. This is a V8 BMW trike, and it`s so ridiculously overpowered that you have no choice but to be left with your jaw on the floor as it rumbles off into the distance.

V8 BMW Trike ride russia 1

However, this is not that kind of video – the driver is a family man and he is just parking his awesome trike in his garage, with his daughter on his back. Nevertheless, the trike looks absolutely incredible – the paintjob is perfect, every single part of it has obviously been cleaned, lubricated and synchronized to perfection and don`t even get me started on those beautiful rims in the back, as well as the huge tires.

If you ever wanted a trike, it was probably this one. This V8 BMW Trike is in the possession of a guy from a triker group, adequately called “Trikers”.

They`re all gathered in front of the guy`s garage and are admittedly admiring the marvelous beast – even if you deal with trikes, how often do you get to see a V8 BMW Trike in real life, let alone in action? I would love to get on that, it looks so comfortable that I doubt I`d want to get off.

Just imagine – your leather vest, boots and this breath-taking trike with its giant V8 engine, roaring down the highway with the wind in your hair and ten other trikers behind you. To some people, that`s what heaven looks like, and if you`re one of those people you will want to check this out.

At last, check out the most powerful Trike hot rod!

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Posted by ViralMega on Wednesday, May 3, 2017