V12 Nissan NP35 With Some Music For Your Ears!

When you see a car like this, your jaw goes straight to the floor! This V12 Nissan racecar is so awesome to watch – it releases the most unbelievable engine roars the likes of which you`ve never heard before.

V12 Nissan NP35 Car 32 V12 Nissan NP35 Car 33

This 1992 NP35 model produces about 620 horsepower which isn`t much in today`s terms but it wasn`t little back in the 90s either. It redlines at about 11600 RPM, but it wasn`t made for short and explosive movement – instead, it was created for sustainability and endurance for longer drives at speeds that will make even the most hardcore F1 enthusiast`s head spin.

The noise that this V12 Nissan NP35 makes is ear-shattering and almost painful to listen to when you`re driving the car according to test drivers, but I`m sure you don`t need their statements to make that deduction yourself. However, as fast and as incredible this car was, it never made it to any trophies. It looks like a beast, sounds like a beast and drives like an absolute monster but somehow, the development halted in the 90s because of a poor showing on the race tracks. As esteemed as this car was when it first appeared, its results were incredibly disappointing – but that doesn`t mean it`s still not breathtaking!

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