Top 5 Coolest Handmade Cars! McLaren F1, Ferrari 355, Lambo Aventador & More!

When it comes to the most desirable cars, probably many of you will say Lamborghini, Ferrari or Porsche. Oh dreamy dreams. However, this video here teaches us that you can actually make these cars by yourself. No joke. This video shows the craziest completely handmade cars in the world. One of the handmade cars is a real treat for all of you LEGO fans. We mean, who didn`t build cars from construction set pieces. We have shared many creations done with Lego bricks. However, we`ve never seen an entirely made car from LEGO bricks. This is a moving car for two adults. Have you ever dreamed of having a McLaren F1? Well, one self-taught car mechanic made a full copy of this legendary car. To build this McLaren, it costed him $26,500. The original supercar on the other hand costs 250 times more. He sure saved a lot.

One of the car brand that`s on a lot of people`s wish list is the famous Lambo. Well, one guy that goes by the name of Ken Hoff, decided to build his own Lamborghini Countach. He did a pretty good job in the basement of his house. It`s also very interesting that all of the parts on this car were made by Hoff himself. Many of us have car hobbies, but the mechanic that goes by the name of Jose Barbosa made something outstanding. He managed to build an exact copy of a Ferrari 355 Targa. He managed to build this copy in just 8 months. Up next we have something extraordinary which proves that wood is a really good material to build cars. A group of enthusiasts managed to build a wooden car that is as powerful as a Lambo or a Porsche. The car is adequately named – Splinter. Which of these handmade cars is your favorite?

At last, here is the complete guide on how to build a car by yourself!