None Would Expect THIS to be the CHEAPEST Turbo Porsche!

For many years the Porsche 944 has been considered as the cheapest turbo Porsche. But something has led into rising the price of the Porsche 944 and now the average price goes around 17,000$, that is twice as much as t used to be. The complete opposite has happened to the early Porsche Cayenne, averaging around 14,000$ now, thus meaning we have the cheapest turbo Porsche nowadays! But that is not it. The guy in the following video bought this SUV at an auction for just 6,100% from Orlando, Florida! But you would probably think that the SUV has some serious mechanical issues, right?

Well, the guy in the video thought exactly when he heard that the engine was running like garbage. But this was due to some deliberate disconnection of few wires that lead to the coils, just so someone could buy it for a lower price. This easy fix, along with a minor oil leak and a suspension sensor change meant that this Cayenne was not that bad after all. The SUV ran smoothly after that without any warning lights blinking on the dash board. What do you think, could this really be the CHEAPEST turbo Porsche ever?

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