Watch This Jeep Crush Madness! This One Goes Over Everything!

Our beloved country had always been known for its` people`s need to crash something, especially if it includes a car! This is not the first time we have seen a Jeep crush other cars, but this time was different! The reason we say this time was different is because many great cars were ruined that could have been saved and maybe even made a good built out of them! This crew from Arizona seems to be very happy after their JEEP crawls over all those vehicles!

However, it might be impressive though, not every car can go `off-road` riding over 10 cars without even feeling it! But, there were some great cars there such as the Chevy Caprice which many people would die to have instead of watching it being crushed.

Moreover, you can see Porsche 944 and even a Mercedes SEC! And let`s not even start with all the Chevys and American Muscles here, which makes us think do these people know how to value a good car? Anyway, check out the Jeep crush video, there are good point and bad points in it, decide which ones you like more!

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