Here Are Some Great Useful Car Organizing Tips And Tricks For The Daily Grind!

When you want to organize your vehicle, you will need some useful car organizing techniques that will ingeniously help you get what you want, which is presumably to save some space and cleaning time on your car.

Useful Car Organizing Tips 1

Let`s dive right into them. First, if for some reason you don`t want to buy a tissue box, you can take a coffee cup from your preferred fast food place, cut up a rectangle in the lid, stuff some tissues in the cup and put the lid back on. Put the cup in your cup holder and nothing will look out of place. You might have some problems with pulling out the tissues like from a regular tissue box, but it will look much better and nobody will look at you funny.

Another useful car organizing tip concerns cleanliness – you can take some cupcake wrappers and put them in your cup holder. Put your treat in the cup holder and it will be really easy to dispose of all the crumbs that would otherwise haunt your car until the next general cleaning. When you want to put your phone on the dashboard but you don`t have a phone holder, tie a rubber band through your AC vent and stick it on two corners of your phone.

Also, you can take a clothespin, glue some fluffs on it, spray them with essential oils and put them on your AC vents. It won`t look nice, but the smell will convince you to keep it there! Finally, if you need more room, take a shoe organizer and some carabiner clips, clip them to the headrest rods and you`ll have enough room for everything!

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