Innovative Cup Holder for Your Car! Drive Up, Down, Accelerate!

Check Out This GENIUS and innovative Cup Holder for Your Car! You Can Drive Up, Down, Accelerate, Make the U-Turn and You Can Even Drive Sporty… This Thing Has All The Spill-Preventing Functions! I hope these guys has already patented this product.

In our opinion, this is a must have! You don`t know what you can run to. Sometimes you will have to brake harder, there are going to be some bumps on the road and the least you want is a spilled drink. But this revolutionary cup holder is the solution! It is designed to follow the car`s motion. In the second video you will see another test of this cup holder in a Ford Focus. The guy conducting the test drives relatively fast, turns hard, crosses speed bumps and still his ice tea is where it should be! We are buying it!

Shut up & take my money! Moreover, check out some cool car life hacks!


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