The US President Transport System Costs $2,614 Per Minute!

When the POTUS needs to get somewhere from one spot to another, there is a logistical nightmare. This happens every day. However, when you take in mind that our President is one of the most powerful people in the world, it`s no surprise he has an entire complex transportation system at his disposal. This is for a very good reason as well. Both Kennedy and Garfield were executed while in transit. So, the Air Force, Secret Service and the Marines have an extensive and elaborate system in place. Part of this system we are already familiar with. This involves the Air Force One jet, Marine One helicopter and Cadillac One.

However, this is not even a portion of what everything is involved to ensure the president reach his destination safely. There is an amazing array of vehicles following the POTUS when he travels on ground. Operating these vehicles, not to mention buying and fitting them with the necessary equipment, comes with a huge price for the taxpayer. This video explains that the government spends 350 million dollars each year just for the president`s transport. All the details needed for the President`s safety is staggering to say the least. Maintaining the Air Force One jet comes very cheap compared to everything else. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Holland takes the bicycle to work!

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