This Unmanned Combat Air System Possess Devastating Powers – X-47B! 3 VIDEOS!

In our second video we have yet another successful launch and recovery of the X-47B. It`s actually on the same aircraft carrier as in the first video but in this one we have one additional perspective. You can see the unmanned combat air vehicle getting ready for launch. You can notice its tail which is bat-wing shaped. This makes it the stealthiest unmanned system ever to take to the skies. It makes for some awesome aesthetics as well.

The thunderous sound this unmanned combat air vehicle delivers will bring you shivers. For this purpose, we advise you to raise the volume of your speakers and enjoy. The only reason not to like this state-of-the-art drone technology is if you are a professional pilot. This can make a pilot`s job obsolete. However, don`t worry, there are enough F-35`s at the moment and many other to come. Other good news is that this technology will actually spare many pilot`s lives.

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