This Unmanned Combat Air System Possess Devastating Powers – X-47B! 3 VIDEOS!

In our previous two videos, we saw the unmanned combat air vehicle launching and landing. However, in the previous two videos the focus was more on the launch. In this one, we can focus a bit more on the landing process. You`ll notice how perfect it is for such maneuvers when it comes to landing on aircraft carriers. This supreme technology was developed by the USA defense technology Northrop Grumman. It was unveiled to the public at the end of 2008.

It`s designed to carry out surveillance and strike missions all autonomously and at a very long range. After watching these 3 awesome videos, you`ll agree that this is definitely something that our Navy needs. This unmanned combat air vehicle also gives you an overnight picture of the battle group. Not only that, but it`s also capable of reaching 3000 nautical miles with 50 hours of flying without refueling. When it comes to refueling, it can be refueled in mid-air!

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