Mitsubishi Mirage Recall In States That Use Salt For Slippery Roads!

The Japanese automaker decided to have a Mitsubishi Mirage recall for precisely 25,185 units of the 2014 – 2015, made between 7 August 2013 and 2 September 2015 which have been sold or just registered in states that utilize salt for melting ice on the road during winter.

Mitsubishi Mirage Airbag Recall 1

Mitsubishi Mirage Airbag Recall 2

The problem is the salt which is tracked on people`s boots and it could cause a short circuit to a wiring connector, hidden by a kick panel located next to the driver`s footrest. This situation can possibly postpone the deployment of the front airbags. In addition, Mitsubishi dealers are receiving instructions how to inspect the “dangerous” part, replace rusted, and mount a waterproof sheet to stop any further rustiness.

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