Get Inside & Experience The Ultimate SUV Bentley Bentayga INTERIOR!

When you think of luxurious cars and manufacturers, you probably think of Bentley. Their vehicles are designed with precision and months of effort. But this SUV is something beyond, something more and something special. The Bentley Bentayga interior looks utterly fascinating. It is made from all natural materials, such as leather, wood and metal. Even at first look, the interior looks so harmonious. This SUV was built to suit different lifestyles, so it contains many features. In the boot space of the Bentayga three units are located, containing silver cutlery. One special option you can get is the clock inside, designed and made from solid gold and diamonds by Breitling.

Every line in the SUV looks perfect and rich. It has many abilities, such as to park itself, to stay in the lane, to avoid accidents in low speed traffic and a new sound system. But probably the best one is the night vision system which is placed in the vehicle enabling you to see even beyond the reach of the headlights, which might prevent accidents. It has an 18″ touch screen that controls the major functions within the vehicle. It even has a rear screen entertainment system, having two 10″ tablets located at the back seats. Is this Bentley Bentayga interior the best one so far?

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