We all know very well the difference between the stock made and the custom made, that is why people are spending so much money on custom made vehicles, to make their ride as bad as possible and to give it their own personal signature which will represent them out in the world, wherever they may appear. And what better way is there to make heads turn and to draw an attention to yourself and your awesome muscle car, than by equipping your monster with an extra loud exhaust system that will make a music festival like Woodstock sound like a modest house party?! This exhaust battle shows exactly that!

When that music is coming out of a machine like the new Dodge Challenger, one of the best American muscles that has come out of Detroit, then things start to get even more tense. Therefore, today we have prepared you a video clip with something that will totally support everything above mentioned. It is a comparison of 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 with a straight pipe versus SLP Loud Mouth exhaust.

Who do you think wins this roaring battle? I`m not going to stand between you and your taste for deep and extra loud screams, so just watch the video and tell us what you think about this exhaust battle.