Presenting You Type R Best Honda Lawn Mower!

When it comes to awesome inventions and great breakthroughs in technology, Honda is one of the best on the market and in this video you are about to see we take a look at one of their latest products which might just be the best Honda lawn mower ever made. It is called the Type R lawn mower and it has been developed and made to celebrate one very important milestone for the company i.e. celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Type R. But this is more than just a regular lawn mower. It has many aspects and functions which really does make this the best Honda lawn mower ever made.

Type R Best Honda Lawn Mower 2

First things first, we take a look at its amazing look. It is really compact and it has been built in such a way to resemble the car. There are headlights as well as taillights, spoiler and even three exhausts which come out from the back. Moreover, there is also the well-known Honda logo which is placed on the back and it comes in red color.

This concept of a lawn mower is based on their autonomous mower which is called Miimo. The best Honda lawn mower has the amazing championship white paint job and Type R stickers on both the left and the right side. All you have to do is to activate it and watch how it does the entire job with ease and precision. What do you think, is this their best lawn mower ever?

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Honda Has Made A Type R Lawnmower

Honda made this lawnmower to celebrate 25 years of Type R 🙌

Posted by Car Throttle on Friday, September 8, 2017