Two Cordless Drills on AMAZON Put To The Test!

Each and every one of us likes to have the best tool possible as such mighty tool can help us get the job done as fast as possible and as precise as it can get. There are certain hand tools that are of top most quality, yet there are some that do not have any quality at all. We have seen many tests before of people putting to the test such cheap hand tools, but no one actually buys them at all. So this man decided to test head to head two cordless drills that are actually going to be used by people.

Two Cordless Drills on AMAZON Put To The Test 1

You can get both of these tools on Amazon and both of them are excellent tools. They are both at around $100, which is not very expensive for a good quality hand tool. The Milwaukee brand one is more expensive than the DeWalt so we are going to test whether it is worth those additional $50. There is a little bit of difference on the design but it is nothing significant. Both of the cordless drills come with a lithium battery and have clutch chucks.

You also get a charger for both tools, where the DeWalt one is much smaller. But it is time for the real test and to put these hand tools head to head. The DeWalt fails after this test being done couple of times and starts smoking.

After all, it looks like it would be better if you just pay extra $50 for a good quality hand tool!