World’s Craziest Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Test Drive!

This turbocharged 1978 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II is known as the TROLLS ROYCE is one of the craziest builds we have ever seen. It is build by the owner Corbin Goodwin and everybody thinks he is nuts. This old Rolls has its stock engine under the hood 6750 cc L410 V8 but they have installed intercooled turbocharger, therefore this classic has around 400 horsepower and a manual transmission from a Ford Super Duty pickup truck.

Turbocharged 1978 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II 2

It has also performance suspension and believe it or not it has radiator with external plumbing installed in the trunk. This radiator is installed in order to make a room for the turbocharger at the front. This ride is offensive, crazy, ugly, loud, mean, unique but it drives great.

Would you take this crazy car into a Rolls Royce dealership service and tell them to change the fluids, tell them you have to go and then walk out. Just imagine the reaction of the employees who has never seen a Rolls Royce like this. Check out the video below and you will see how the owner talks about what you need to do in order to drive the car.

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