Turbo LS GMC 1500 vs Procharged 392 Dodge Challenger!

People have always said that you should never judge a book by its cover and this has always proven to be right. Well, in this case we check out something similar but instead of book, we will say car. We have witnessed so many times cars that simply do not have the look, but they manage to surprise us and prove us wrong. Hereby in this video we take a look at this extremely powerful GMC 1500 Turbo LS that humiliates this Dodge Challenger 392 Procharged. Despite not having the proper extreme appearance that is going to frighten your opponent, this mighty GMC 1500 has so much power in it.

Turbo LS GMC 1500 vs Procharged 392 Dodge Challenger 2

We see a man filming a video in which they are driving on the highway and decide to race. Just as they finish counting down it is time for some fun. Even though everyone would expect that the Challenger 392 would get an easy win over the GMC 1500, something amazing happens. The truck unleashes its turbo and manages to take hold of the lead throughout the race.

To prove that there was no mistake and everything was fair, they go head to head once again. This time the GMC 1500 Turbo LS gets the win by far and leaves behind the Dodge Challenger. They repeat the race yet once again and it was time for the driver in the truck to wave goodbye.

These 46 seconds are filled with fun and speed so make sure you do not miss it!