This Turbo Honda Civic Speeds Past Cop With 140mph!

When you think about Civics, you generally don`t imagine them going 140 miles per hour on the highway. However, this turbo Honda Civic did exactly that. As these two guys in Mexico were riding along the freeway, they decide to bump as much juice out of their car as possible, and as it turns out, it was completely worth it! This car shows that it`s an awesome beast under the hood, and the speedometer can barely keep up with the speed of the car. When that happens, if you were the driver here, you`d be happy, right? Of course!

However, this happiness was not meant to last, as the guys in the car quickly realize that as they`re speeding along and the entire car is shaking, they come upon a police car going in the opposite direction. However, when your turbo Honda Civic is going at 140mph and you can`t afford to get caught yet again, you don`t just stop driving – it`s not as if the cops can turn around and catch you before you speed off. This is luck in its purest form and I bet these guys had their hearts all the way up in their throats when they realized what happened!

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