Truck Car Carrier With 9 EXOTIC CARS Overturns Near PARIS! Lamborghini, Shelby GT500, Ferrari & More!

A truck carrying many exotic vehicles has overturned in Paris, France, spilling out millions of dollars down the drain. Aboard the truck car carrier were a few Lamborghini Gallardos, a Ferrari 430, a Porsche 911, a Ford Mustang GT500 and a Cayman. All of these exotic cars were damaged to a different extent. According to sources, the cause of this incident is not revealed at this stage. However, fortunately no one was seriously injured. Judging by the three lanes, it seems the crash occurred on a highway of some kind. Strangely, the motorways seems to be straight enough, so we can be really sure what could`ve happened here.

The truck car carrier driver could have been cut off, resulting in a rapid-enough steering move that caused the whole outfit to topple. Also, there is the possibility that the driver had a lapse of concentration that resulted in a similar aftermath. Whatever the case may be, there is absolutely no doubt that the truck driver will`ve a lot of explaining to do, both to the employer and the local authorities. However, this is an extremely expensive haul so the insurance company could be asking a lot of questions as well. Fortunately, at least some of the vehicles are not beyond repairing.

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