Mouthwatering! Incredible 2016 Tron Motorbike Concepts: Daytona Bike Week 2016 + The Neutron By Parker Brothers Concepts (2 Videos)!

In this video we are going to be focused solely on one glorious Triton motorbike that`s made by Parker Brothers Concepts! This Triton bike is called the Neuron and will definitely blow you away! The Parker Brothers Concepts are actually highly known for their awesome, outrageous and crazy custom vehicles! We can safely say that they totally nailed it with the Neuron! It packs a 96 volt electric engine and an ion battery pack made out of lithium! The engine delivers staggering 100mph and has a drive range of 100 mph as well! It charges the battery for only 35 minutes and it`s ready to go!

This Triton motorbike doesn`t lack in aesthetics as well! The Neuron is one awesome neon packing two wheeler indeed!

Interested in buying this beastly vehicle?! You better first check the price here!