What would you do if you are at the car salon looking for a car to buy – a MITSUBISHI TRITON for example and the pretty sales girl decides you guys should take it for a test ride! You would take it for a test ride, this one was easy. But, what if that same sales girl asked you to move over to the passenger seat so SHE could show you what this car can RALLY do?! And the MITSUBISHI TRITON DRIFT really scared some of them!

Let us just remind you, the girl is at her first day of job, and is barely ‘seeable’ in that HUGE TRUCK – the MITSUBISHI TRITON! In case you wonder, Leona Chin is a Malaysian Professional Motorsport Athlete! Also, she is a girl with great personality always in for a good prank!

As most guys are the same, the costumers in the video were skeptic! Moreover, they did not really take her seriously. And that the action began! Leona Chin started drifting that car, burn those tires as all the “men” start screaming, swearing and trying to make her stop the MITSUBISHI TRITON DRIFT! We really laughed out loud to this one and we sincerely recommend it to you as well!

If you want to see the famous cool mom drifting a mini van, follow this link!