This Video Made The Whole World Laugh! Troll Dog Puts On A Prank While Playing Dead!

Those of you that own a pet know how life can get exciting with those rascals. Normal people do not understand how smart and wicked pets can be, especially dogs. After seeing numerous pranks and tricks we stumbled upon this amazing troll dog that made us laugh so hard! To get straight to the point, here is what happened. Judging by the language spoken or by the accent at least, the plot is set somewhere in Russia. The land that gave us so many cool videos so far and for that we are very grateful!

However, this troll dog made all the previous videos fade away as this is the number one video so far. The girl driving this car, accidentally hits the dog which plays dead, doing it very convincing! Of course, the driver runs out of the Subaru shocked about the situation she is in right now. Only later the troll dog jumped on its feet, ran towards the car and drove it leaving the driver behind! Of course, the video is staged and it is a commercial for Subaru, but it is made that way that it will definitely make you laugh. So, join the others who watched it already and check out this footage!

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