Faith In Humanity Restored! This Russian Video Filmed From Russian Car Cameras Will Make You Cry!

Russia is known for its insane activities that are occurring on Russian roads. So much craziness, that it`s common procedure to have a dash cam fitted and running all the time. This is done in order to prove you are innocent when something very bad goes down. However, in this footage which is made by various videos from Russian car cameras, we have a very pleasant twist. Instead of all the accidents, wrecks and vandalism we are used to watch from Russian roads, in this one, we can see the more pleasant side of humanity. The timing for a video like this couldn`t be better, just before Christmas.

This compilation recorded by Russian car cameras is bound to put a tear or two in your eyes. It will also give you one more reason to believe in humanity. Honestly, we`ve never seen anything more beautiful than this in a long time. We salute the guy who edited all of these clips into one video compilation. It`s good to see the other side of Russia for once. We really hope this video will serve as a good inspiration for everyone to have faith in humanity. Check out the video below and feel free to share your opinions with us in the comment section below.

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