Extremely Wild Triple Boost 2L Engine By Volvo Delivering 450HP!

When it comes to performance cars, Volvo is not really what comes to mind. Nevertheless, the Swedish manufacturer tends to change that impression with the development of this wild triple boost 2L engine that delivers 450 ponies in stock form. This engine also features an ingenious compound turbocharging setup. This is something that may begin a new era for passenger vehicle engines. Volvo`s engineers have developed a triple turbo system that features two small compressors in order to run the third bigger turbo. This is something that will reduce lag by a huge margin and give the engine a quick throttle response.

This triple boost 2L engine has four cylinders installed with technologies that are not really common for this kind of engines. It has two parallel turbochargers that are fed by a turbo-compressor which is electrically powered. However, this engine is also very fuel efficient. It keeps fuel consumption at a minimum when you pull your foot of the throttle delivering a more conservative driving. Volvo`s great focus on performance in combination with the manufacturer`s supreme safety reputation, should deliver a very attractive package. The future for Volvo is looking great indeed, this should attract many potential buyers that will help boost the Swedish manufacturer`s sales around the globe. Imagine what this engine could be able to do when some of the renowned tuners will get their hands on it.

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