Father & Son Built A Transformer Out Of An Old Lada VAZ-2101!

O3A team consisting of father and son were inspired by the movie franchise – Transformers to convert an old Lada into a fascinating shape-shifting robot that features fully-functioning automatic weapons. The father and son that goes by the names of Gennadiy and Sergey Kocherga put a lot of effort in order to make their Lada VAZ-2101 into a Transformer. They worked on the car approximately six months. Their efforts really payed off as we can see the transformer Lada in all of its glory in the video below. The video is filmed at a stunt show that takes place in Russia.

The ambitious idea came to Gennadiy when he bought a toy Transformer car during his trip to Singapore. With the intention to make a life-size replica, he asked his son for help with modifying their much-ridiculed old Lada VAZ-2100. So far, the fascinating Transformer car has toured a number of cities in Russia and the team plans to further expand their project next year. In this video, you can see the Lada transformer that goes by the name of Optimus Gennadievich Prime showcasing its automatic weapons that are placed under the bonnet. Gennadiy stated that he won`t stop here and that he has other ideas to modernize other cars as well. We can`t wait to see what he has in store for us next.

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