An Exciting Comparison! Toyota Supra And Next Generation BMW Z4!

Hey you! Yes, you! We know that you are looking for something awesome. Luckily enough, you are at the right place. We have something that will make you go crazy and open that valve inside you. You are going to be amazed by the true power and true beauty of these cars. Namely, three super awesome cars go head to head in search for glory. As you might have already guess, we are talking about the Toyota Supra, next generation BMW Z4 and the Series 3. These awesome machines still in development tasted the road for the first time. But not just any road and any normal conditions. No, these cars were tested on a snowy day, which makes the whole experience that much better. The look of all three cars is super exciting and you will easily fall in love with them!

next generation bmw toyota supra 1

Yes, they have some awesome upgrades. For example, the next generation BMW Z4 has the all-time expected completely exposed grill. Moreover, it seems like the pattern of it has significantly changed. Unfortunately enough, all three cars are very well camouflaged and not much can be said. However, for all of you car detailists, there is so much to discover. Make sure you go through the pictures carefully to look for any clues. The Z4 is expected to come in two models for the US market. Depending on your preference, you can always choose what you want. Despite the fact that the Z4 is still a concept car, we are sure that it will only get better. The guys from BMW are constantly doing a great job, thus these cars are a no excerpt. Even the wheels look super awesome on that snow. In fact, the whole car does!

next generation bmw toyota supra 2

Before you leave, make sure to check out the original Toyota Supra!