Toyota Minivan FAILS Spectacularly Exiting The Car Wash!

Check out how this white Toyota Minivan FAILS after exiting the car wash and flips over the road. That must be very upsetting and frustrating, washing your car and then damage it totally just few seconds before exiting the car wash.

Toyota Minivan FAILS Spectacularly Exiting The Car Wash 2

Obviously this guy from Montana took a hard rumble and it is even hard to explain how he managed to do such a move and lost control of his car. His left turn in order to make an exit was fatal because he drove over the edge. However, he should only make a very smooth left turn, but obviously he pressed the accelerator pedal instead the brake pedal. It was even worst that Toyota Sienna minivan crushed on roof just on the hydrant that instantly flushed all over with water like a fountain.

Anyway we are glad the driver and the passengers in the vehicle were not injured. We hope the car was fully insured and the owner will get his money back. Have you ever seen a situation like this before?

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