Terrible Parking Solved With Strong BARE HANDS!

Do you remember the video with the police officer that lifts the improperly parked taxi in the middle of the street in front of everybody? If you do, you know that the whole act was fake, but the purpose was to raise the public awareness. However, this footage you are about to see is nowhere near fake, and will definitely have an impact on the irresponsible drivers. Meet the Brazilian Hulk dealing with terrible parking!

Isn`t it annoying when bike lanes are often occupied by various other vehicles which are not supposed to be there? Well, this kind of situation certainly went on the wrong side of this huge cyclist! The video of a man grabbing the rear part of a Fiat Uno and creating a space for cyclists went viral in just couple of days! What`s even more interesting, this guy was riding a bike himself, but the stopped for a minute to make a way! But that is not all. The best part is when gets on his bike a paddles away like nothing even happened! Personally, we really like this last reaction of his – being nonchalant. Huge respect! That’s the way to deal with terrible parking!

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