Top Motorcycles For 2020

Whether you are new to the world of motorcycles or you have been riding for years, there are a number of new bikes for you to choose from. So, before you begin to renew your temp motorbike insurance, allow us to provide you insight into our picks for the top motorcycles of 2020.

Top Motorcycles For 2020 1

Kawasaki Z-H2

With supercharged technology and amazing lightweight bodywork, this is the perfect street bike built for speed and precision. With an LCD screen for ultimate connectivity as you drive, this is a precision bike that is built for all weather conditions.

Additionally, there is also the option of super bright headlights allowing you to cruise the streets at night without any concerns regarding visibility. Whether you are new to this style of bike, or you have been riding for a while, this is the perfect option for those looking for quality.

Ducati V4 Streetfighter

The fourth version of this bike is bigger and better with over 208 hp and a weight of 178kg this is the perfect weight for an all-round bike. With an 1103 cm3 demosedici Stradale engine, this is by far one of the most powerful engines in a bicycle.

With the power and torque raised to 220hp, this is a bike that is built for racing and performance making it the perfect choice for those that love track days. Whether you are someone who uses their bike on the daily for the commute to work or you enjoy racing days, this is the perfect bike for you.

Suzuki V- Storm 1050

With a starting price of £9,999 and a launch date of spring 2020, this is the perfect bike for those that use it all year round. With a windscreen for cruising down motorways and indicators to help you drive on the road safely, you can enjoy the perfect trip with ease.

With a weight of 236Kg and a mile per gallon average of 57.65, this is the perfect way to bike for you to choose from when looking to cruise the open road.

Triumph Thruxton RS

The final bike that is worth the investment is the Triumph Thruxton RS. This bike is one for those that are looking for motoring history with modern-day technology. It combines elegant design aspects with outstanding safety features for an all-round enjoyable driving experience.

Whether you are a fan of motorcycles or you are new to the trend, this is the perfect bike for anyone due to the even better handling. It is important to note however, that this is not yet released, therefore you will have to wait to enjoy the very best of Triumphs latest creation. Will you be opting for this bike when it is released later on in the year?

With this in mind, there are a number of bikes on the market that is set to revolutionise the motor industry and make your morning commute even more enjoyable than ever before. Which of these will you be selecting in 2020?