Insane Street Bike Racing A Lamborghini Gallardo On A Public Road! Guess The Winner!

We are living in a modern world where many bikers are riding with cameras strapped on their helmet in order to catch all action that may happen. That`s how we get tons of awesome on-board street racing videos that are going viral. For this particular rider, the helmet camera would come in very handy. He was out for a regular cruise with his insane street bike when happened to encounter one very powerful Lamborghini Gallardo. When the biker noticed the Lambo, he immediately started following it. After some following, they both stop at red lights. This is where the fun and games begin.

At the lights, the biker starts taunting the Lambo to engage in a race. After some taunting, the Lambo is finally coaxed into racing. When the race begins, the insane street bike immediately manages to make a gap while doing a very cool wheelie in the process. You just got to love street bikes. They are so light and easy to handle with immense acceleration. Put a wheelie on top of this and you look like a god! We still love Lambos though. We are sure the Lambo can punch more power than this, so this was most probably all about fun and mutual respect.

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