Top 6 Bad Wheel Alignment Symptoms

Other than poorly maintained roads, bad wheel alignment is your car wheels` worst enemy. Poor wheel alignment could impact the tire tread and gas mileage. It could also create safety hazards, making it a serious issue that shouldn`t be ignored. Many car owners deal with poor wheel alignment`s signs and symptoms, often not knowing that some are an easy fix. The benefits of a wheel alignment include fuel efficiency, smoother ride, and improved steering. Below are six common signs your vehicle`s wheels should be aligned.

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1.Drifting Right Or Left On A Flat Road

Take your vehicle to a servicing center and have the wheels checked when you struggle to keep your car straight when driving it. An automobile tends to veer in one direction even when hitting a smooth road if a wheel issue exists.

Take your hands off your car`s steering wheel on an empty road if you want to be sure that you`re experiencing a wheel issue. If it drifts to the right or left direction a little bit, you know what that means.

2.Steering Wheel Not Sitting Centered And Straight

A car`s steering wheel should sit close to perfectly straight if you`re driving it straight down a smooth, level road. Well, depending on the road`s crown, a small amount of discrepancy is usually allowed. However, the vehicle emblem, which is placed in the steering wheel`s center, should appear level to the driver, and the wheel should sit centered and straight. It`s time to perform an alignment if your wheel is off the center in either direction by a few degrees.

3.Vibration Through The Steering Wheel

Wheels that have been knocked out of alignment can cause vibrating steering. Vibration through the steering wheel usually appears after you hit potholes at speed. If left unchecked, this may lead to severe issues, on top of the damage to the wheel itself.

That`s something you wouldn`t want to happen, especially if you have plans to sell your car for cash, unless, of course, you prefer companies that buy used cars for cash to take your vehicle, which is a more straightforward method of selling your automobile anyway.

4.Abnormal, Excessive Wear On Tires

All the tires tend to wear off after their average lifespan. However, sometimes, their worn-out condition sprouts from poor wheel alignment. In this case, the lack of rotation becomes the main reason for the thinning out of the tread. As a result, the front tire`s outside edges will have cupping. Excessive wear on both the tire`s inside and outside borders is also possible if the wheel alignment is off track.

5.Loose Handling

There could be a problem in your vehicle’s wheel alignment if the steering feels a little unstable or loose. You can feel it when you`re maneuvering around corners where the car may feel very sloppy.  A mechanic should check the alignment of your wheels if you notice loose handling when driving. If necessary, have it corrected.

6. Strange Noises

Another sign of displaced wheels is noise. Your car is maybe making creaks, knocks, or squeaks. There can be many reasons for that, including suspension issues, or damaged or loose components. However, bad wheel alignment could also be potentially causing those strange noises coming underneath your vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Keeping up with all the necessary vehicle maintenance and repairs can be difficult. It becomes more challenging with all the advances in automobile technology.

One of the essential criteria to keeping your vehicle moving safely and extending its lifespan is proper wheel alignment. Unfortunately, wheel alignment is also one of the commonly overlooked. A host of premature wear and drivability problems can result from incorrect wheel alignment, so it`s best to get your car inspected as soon as the symptoms above are noticed.