How To Increase Fuel Efficiency for Your Ford Mustang

When most people think about Ford Mustangs, they think of big V8s and aggressive exhaust notes. Most people aren`t thinking about fuel efficiency. Nonetheless, everyone has to deal with the realities of the gas pump. So, some owners look for modifications that can improve efficiency while still delivering power. Upgrades such as performance Ford Mustang Catalytic Converters can offer exactly that.

How To Increase Fuel Efficiency for Your Ford Mustang 11

Improve Your Air Intake

Internal combustion engines make energy by igniting a mixture of fuel and air. If this mixture is too rich (there isn`t enough air), then your car will waste fuel.

In fact, this can even damage some components of your engine and exhaust if it gets bad. An upgraded air intake will help you ensure your engine always has enough air to be as efficient as possible.

A cold-air intake can be a great way to get more power and fuel efficiency. It can help you make more power with the same amount of fuel by ensuring there is always an ample supply of air and oxygen flowing in. Since cold air is denser than hot air, it will even add on a few horsepower.

Upgrade Your Exhaust

For similar reasons, an upgraded exhaust can also improve fuel efficiency. Changes such as adding high flow catalytic converters let air out of the engine more rapidly.

This means that there is more room for new air. The airflow rate through the engine is one of the most common inhibitors of both power and fuel efficiency.

A performance, cat-back exhaust can also help improve fuel efficiency. Even better, such an upgrade will give you a chance to get a more aggressive sound from your Ford Mustang.

If you are like many owners, getting a chance to hear that wonderful engine more clearly is well worth it. There is nothing better than a part that improves efficiency, power and experience.

Other Ways To Improve Fuel Efficiency

Beyond upgrades, you can also increase fuel efficiency by driving more carefully. Trying to avoid hard acceleration or braking will increase your efficiency.

While you likely want to enjoy the performance of your Mustang from time to time, there is no reason not to drive smoothly when you are just commuting.

Similarly, properly inflating your tires can increase efficiency. This will also improve your performance, as it will let your tires make the optimal amount of contact with the road.

If you have an automatic, use overdrive to improve efficiency. If you have a manual transmission, try to keep your RPM low by shifting up whenever possible.

When you want to drop the hammer, you can always drop down a gear. Again, being efficient when you aren`t on the track or otherwise trying to use your car`s full performance is just smart driving.

Get Started

Make some changes to your vehicle and your driving. These suggestions don`t just apply to Mustangs. You can even get UTV aftermarket exhaust systems that improve efficiency, for example.

Of course, the impact is must more significant with big, high-displacement engines. So, if you have the GT trim, you probably want to make some upgrades soon.