Top 5 Off-Road Adventure Motorbikes

When choosing a motorbike the most important consideration is what you`ll be using the bike for, you can`t easily take a road bike off-road, and enjoy it. That`s why, if you`re thinking of enjoying some off-road adventures, you need to know the top 5 off-road adventure motorcycles currently available.

Top 5 Off-Road Adventure Motorbikes 2
  1. KTM Super Adventure R

It shouldn`t be surprising that KTM top this list, they have focused on building great off-road bikes for many years. You can check out pre-owned KTM motorcycles at your local dealer.

The Super Adventure R was released in 2017 and has a 1,301 cc V-Twin engine delivering 158bhp. The seat height is 890mm and the total weight of the bike is 240kg.

 With a semi-active suspension, TFT dash, and a variety of riding modes this is one off-road adventure bike you have to try, especially if you like orange!

  • Triumph Tiger 1200 XCA

The Triumph Tiger is often overlooked but it will do a great job of getting you wherever you need to go. The latest addition has an array of new features, including a 5″ color TFT dash, backlit controls, cornering lights, and a keyless start mechanism.

It also has an Arrow exhaust system and weighs just 248kg. The seat height is 835mm and it comes with a 140bhp triple 1,215cc engine.

However, this is a more old-school riding experience, there is no semi-active suspension.

  • BMW R1250 GSA

BMW offers an impressive range of motorcycles, but, if you`re interested in getting off-road, you`ll find it hard to beat the R1250 GSA.

This is a bike that has been in existence for in excess of 12 years, and it`s steadily improved every year. The latest version has its largest engine yet, a 1,254cc boxer engine delivering 134bhp. The seat height is on the higher side at 890mm and it`s the heaviest bike on the list at 268kg. It`s also the most expensive of the options available.

But, it does have electronic suspension, keyless start, cornering ABS, and an SOS button, just in case you need it. This is an impressive bit of kit.

  • Honda Africa Twin AS

This off-road motorbike from Honda is new out this year and looks pretty stylish. In fact, it looks like a cross between a sports bike and an off-roader, but it`s ready for anything.

The Africa Twin AS unsurprisingly has a parallel-twin engine. It`s 1,084cc and delivers 101 bhp. That`s lower than the competition but its plenty enough to get you across rugged terrain. It also has the lowest seat height at 850mm, reducing the center of gravity for you. The weight is credible at 238kg and the ride is fantastic thanks to the electronic adjustable suspension.

It also benefits from Apple CarPlay, cruise control, a DCT automatic gearbox, and a well-lit display.

  • Yamaha Super Tenere RE

The final offering that is worth considering is the Yamaha Super Tenere RE. This bike is the spiced-up version of the standard Tenere and it shows.  In fact, it weighs 265kg, nearly as much as the BMW.

It has a 1,199cc Parallel-twin engine offering 111bhp and a seat height of 845mm. But, it also benefits from panniers, capable of carrying 74 liters of stuff, LED fog lights, a tall screen, and a belly pan.

It is light on electronic gadgets, but, if you`re off-road that makes it more likely you`ll be able to fix the issue no matter how remote you are.