Top 3 Mods for Buell Blast

Ready to enhance your beloved Buell Blast’s performance and comfort? The most popular mods to this lightweight, nimble machine are handlebars, grips and mirrors. Here’s a quick look at these affordable aftermarket parts for Buell Blast. They can make as big a difference to your riding experience as motorcycle riding gear and accessories!

Top 3 Mods for Buell Blast 2


Your Buell Blast is known as a bike that’s especially fun to ride on winding roads with lots of curves. Handlebars give you the steering control you need for these kinds of conditions. They can also contribute to your comfort on longer rides.

Whether you’re making do with damaged handlebars or you just want a change in style and riding position, online bike shops sell a variety of options. For example, how about Roland Sands Design 1″ Vintage Short Stack Handlebars? These period-style bobber ape hangers can add instant attitude to your ride.

BikeMaster Daytona Handlebars are a more economical option, made of high-quality steel and available in a variety of finishes. Meanwhile, Renthal Black StreetFighter Handlebars are a great choice for attaining a better upright position and for stunting. (If you’re into stunting, don’t forget to browse motorcycle helmets for the lid that’s perfect for this pastime!)

2. Grips

Ever wished you could get a grip on your handlebars? Wet and warm weather can increase the amount of moisture in the air and on your handlebars, affecting your control. Grips offer you secure control and hand comfort while riding and they also absorb vibration.

Well-known brands such as Avon, BikeMaster and ProGrip produce a wide range of grips constructed of a variety of materials. Take BikeMaster Foam Motorcycle Grips, for example. Soft to your touch, they absorb shock well and are ozone- and UV-resistant.

Arts. Meanwhile, Parts Unlimited Laser Street Grips feature a super-soft rubber compound for a secure, comfortable grip. Many riders find that softer grips like these can help decrease hand numbness and soreness on longer rides. If you want to take your comfort level up another notch, invest in grip covers or hand warmers!

3. Mirrors

Mirrors allow you to know what’s around you – and what to expect – when you’re on the road. They’re critical to your safety and protection. When you’re seeking mirrors for your Blast, you don’t have to worry about choice.

Major manufacturers from Arlen Ness Motorcycles to Powerstands Racing sell an incredible range of designs and changes. You can easily find a mirror to match your bike’s style and reflect your own (pun intended!).

Predominantly available in black and grey finishes, mirrors for the Buell Blast include folding bar-end, hindsight, mini and standard options. Their shapes range from round and rectangular to oval and cat-eye. Most online bike shops also sell mounts and adapters so that you can customize your mirror’s placement and angle.

Handlebars, grips and mirrors are an affordable and varied way for you to increase your comfort and your Buell Blast’s performance and style. Find these products and a whole world of motorcycle riding gear, parts accessories and tires at reputable motorcycle shops online.