Top 10 Airplane Vertical Takeoffs Ever Recorded! What is Your Favorite?

Though you might not be a person who is much into airplanes, you should definitely watch carefully the following compilation of the top 10 airplane vertical takeoffs. You probably thought that vertical takeoffs can only be achieved by those military jets, but you thought it wrong. These compilation features all sorts of airplanes, such as Airbus A380 and the Boeing 737. Yes, they can perform vertical takeoffs as well! So sit back and enjoy. To begin with, the first plane is seen, on what seems to be an airfield hence is probably there are a lot of planes there, launching itself up in the air with total ease.

Top 10 Airplane Vertical Takeoffs amazing 4

The list goes on with a huge passenger airplane performing the same takeoff, though we do not have much information whether these airplane vertical takeoffs were just test runs or they were genuine flights with passengers inside. The compilation also features several military-type airplanes and how well they perform.

The best video is the last one for sure, as the airplane is seen launching itself in the air in just a matter of seconds. Make sure you do not miss this compilation. What do you think, which vertical takeoff was your favorite one? Thanks in advance for sharing this amazing video with your friends and for sharing your thoughts in the comment section below.

At last, take a look inside the world’s first private Boeing 747-8.