DRIFT RACING ON The HIGHWAY IS BANNED? Think Twice! This Guy With A BMW E30 Does NOT Think So!!!

If this was a quiz and we were to ask you: “Is Drift Racing on the Highway illegal?” You would answer negatively. If you want to pass the quiz, of course!


But if you are a guy that gives more philosophical way, you would say that it`s all subjective! For example, this guy definitely does not find drift racing on the highway illegal! He simply takes his BMW E30 and does his thing in the fast lane! It is interesting that he finds his victims on the way! He does not do scheduled races, he goes out and drifts around certain vehicles that were unlucky to see him that day!

You thought the highway drifting is not legal? Well, this guy does NOT think so and we highly recommend to not try this on the open road or the street because I’m pretty sure you will have a problem with the law in any country or state.

According to the information we got, this tuned   BMW 3 Series has more than 560HP and it looks like it is the right car for a joyride & unlimited high speed drifting fun (but not on the open road, but on some racing track).

This tuned BMW E30, the car many of us love and probably had it as a poster in our room is outstanding! It does not really look amazing from the outside, but with the horsepower it has, the expression LOOKS DON`T MATTER finally has sense! However, the skills this one has are really insane! The thing he does with his 3rd series of BMW and the drift racing is real ART!

Share your opinion with us and tell us which part of this drifting performance is your favorite?

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