This Supra Owner Show Some Antilag! Pulled Over By Police!

We are used to taking a look at various videos in which there have been clashes between the police and some other citizens. This usually tends to occur during car events or gatherings where some of the cars are way too loud, which is something that attracts the attention of the police officers. Hereby, we take a look at this amazing compilation of amazing explosive sounds of various and we also see what might happen if your mighty exhaust goes absolutely crazy showing off the antilag.

This Supra Owner Show Some Antilag Pulled Over By Police 2

Though it sounds cool, it surely attracts the police. We are all familiar with the antilag sound that is created by some exhaust, the sound that makes our blood to boil and our heart to beat fast. It is absolute music to our ears to listen to it, but not everyone agrees so. Hereby, we see a mighty car reving up its engine in the middle of a night with many other people gathered around, thus creating the antilag sound but then the police appear out of nowhere.

Yes, the police officer was obviously bothered by the sound, even though everyone was having a great time. Moreover, the fun does not stop here. There are many dozens and dozens of other such videos in which the owner`s mighty exhaust goes crazy and makes a brilliant show to everyone around. This video is for the one who enjoy taking a look at different people`s cars and modifications.

Hereby, if you want to see more, make sure to check out the full video!