This Simple Product Called RAKJAK Can Easily Lift Up To 3 TONS!

This week we are on a mission to find out the best possible way to lift our cars in order to work under them without getting dirty and squeezed. So far, we have discovered the lift stands, which work is pretty amazing as they are suitable for every type of floor jacks. However, today we have discovered one much more powerful product that can be used quite easier and by that it will persuade you to add it on your shopping list. Say hello to the RakJak Pneumatic Jack.

This simple looking jack system is definitely one of the best innovations that have recently come up on the automotive market. After watching the video, you will agree that this American-made tool offers the fastest way to lift a car or any other object that weighs less than 3 tons and is lower than 18 inches. The maintenance-free product comes up in different version depending on how high you want to lift your vehicle.

And now time for the downsides. The RakJak costs around $600 and the negative comments so far are related to its safety. We still wonder, does this innovation have an air-safety lock or a height-extend lock, in case the air release is accidentally pressed.

Nevertheless, the overall concept is worth watching, so feel free to share with us your opinion and conclusion for the efficiency of this product, after watching the video below.

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