This Precision Automotive Racing GTR Had Set The NEW AUSTRALIAN R35 SPEED RECORD! Check It Out!!!

Is it me, or is it truly that way?! Lately, when we are talking about the rides that are setting the new national, or the new world records, the name of the legendary Japanese sports car, the Nissan GTR, is appearing more often than ever before. In fact, much more often, if we compare it with any other type of a car, individually and on itself! No matter where you look, or where the clip that you`re watching is coming from, the name of the `Japanese royalty`, the Nissan GTR, pops out on a regular basis! And that`s a fact!

As you can presume, and actually already read the title, the reason why I`m saying this is because the following video that we have prepared for you in this GTR article, is introducing us with an Aussie Nissan GTR, that have set the new Australian ¼ Mile record! The numbers are 9.09 seconds at 171 mph! Pretty impressive, right?

I know that some will say “that`s nothing special”, or “I`ve seen better”, or any other similar c#@₤ö. But, as you already know quite well, this is not meant for the haters, and others from the same group.

So just in short, I will tell you that the ride is highly tuned – just as it`s expected – it has two Garret GTX3582R Turbos, which, along with the other custom made stuff under the hood, enables this GTR example to boost astonishing 1 267 HP! How about that?!

Thus, without any further adieu, have a look at the following video clip, and see this jaw-dropping beast in action! And if you want to learn numerous other interesting information about the new, 2017 Nissan GTR, go to this link and read a full review about it!