THIS MARCH The McLaren P1 GTR (Limited Edition) Will debut @GENEVA!

McLaren called. They said they were ready to take things to a whole new level! We`ll have to wait a little bit longer to see the McLaren P1 GTR debut which is scheduled for the Geneva Motor show that is to be held in March this year! The Motor Heads all across the world became kind of impatient because of the delay McLaren suffered due to the winter period.

But it`s all over, the P1 GTR is ready for the streets and the same will be proven on the Geneva Motor Show! You can see the car in the video. Many will be disappointed to know that the P1 GTR is a limited edition. Many also argue that these cars should not be kept and sold to `rich and old folks` that only “play” with this toy for couple of weeks and then they forget about it!

One thing is for sure, the motoric GTR Program is just like the Car itself. It`s totally unique and made for one thing – the driver! It`s here to prepare you mentally and physically for one of the most exciting, challenging and exhilarating experiences a driver can have!

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