Hyperbeast MCLAREN F1 vs Luxury MANSION! Which Will Worth More?

Hyperbeast McLaren F1 Vs Luxury Mansion! What Would Be Your Choice? Here is a Great Analyzes About Today`s Worth of These Luxury Assets!

If it was only a thing of personal choice for pleasure, I think that I know the answer which most of you will give to this question. But the point of this video that we have prepared in this post is not only the pleasure that one gets from a luxury supercar or the `5 star mansion`, but the growth of the value of one hypercar like this awesome McLaren F1, and a country mansion in England, and most of the extrapolating factors that are contributing to that.

So, let`s start with the luxury mansion. The benefits from it is the living in a beautiful country house, located in a great area of the country, where everything is peaceful and nice. Back in 1996, this mansion was worth £650 000 (about $1.022 000 in 1996), and slowly throughout all these years, its value has increased up to £2 500 000 (about $3.890 000 today). So it is a pretty good deal, right?

Now let`s take a look at the McLaren F1. As you all know well, it is one of the most iconic supercars in the world, only 103 chassis were produced between 1993 and 1996, and looking from a technical perspective, it was one of the most outstanding builds at that time. In that period, this awesome hypercar was also worth around £650 000, just like the mansion, but in the meantime, its legendary reputation grew even more, so today`s worth, in 2014, is incredible £6 500 000!

So, I think that those figures pretty much give an answer to the question by themselves. For more supercars videos go HERE!