1100 HP TRC SUPRA Battling 1100+ HP Ford MUSTANG!

Here we go again with one of those highly intriguing nightly drag battles that we do not favor very much (as most of you who are following us on a regular basis know well), filled with so much of an adrenaline rush, which is inevitably transferring from the screen, through the eyes, into our blood stream, and gives us one hell of a pleasure watching this awesome street race! Which is the reason why we are showing it to you anyway! When you have an import such as this super nasty TRC Supra, it is really one hell of a tough challenge to find a proper Detroit muscle to defeat it and defend the honor of the American muscle cars.

Oh yes! The TRC Supra, powered by a fire breathing motor that is boosting astonishing 1 100 HP, is indeed one tough cookie! But, we do not call our powerful four-wheeled machines Muscle Cars for nothing, and we do not take such a pride in them just on words either, do we?! So, on the other side of the lane we have one ominous looking Ford Mustang, called NighTTmare Coyote, with an MPR built engine, mated to a 6r80 trans, along with double Precision 6466 turbos from the second generation, that is boosting over 1 100 HP. Also, this beast can set the ¼ Mile distance on fire in just 8.7 seconds at 163 mph!

Do I need to say more? I don`t think so! And also, I don`t want to be a spoiler and ruin the rush of watching this drag race, so just check out the video below and enjoy it! And if you want to see one more, very similar street drag battle, go to this link.