How the Sheiks in Dubai Have Fun With Their 1100HP GTR!

No matter whether it is from a personal experience or just from watching it through the media, we all know it too well that the rich Emirs, Sheiks and all the other royalties from the United Arab Emirates` incredible city of Dubai always likes to have the very best things that can be bought with money (because it is not an object for a discussion, right?). So why should be any different when it comes to the best street car in the whole world, the iconic Nissan GTR? What the sheik wants is what the sheik gets. And that is the best looking 1100hp GTR Nissan, with the biggest and most powerful monster engine!

The video that you are about to see could make some of you cry – and that is no joke. Because you are about to get an inside look on how the garage of those rich guys in white cloths looks like. Dozens of highly modified GTR just waiting to be taken out on the asphalt and to hit the road. But first, a little inspection on the dyno, which is of course nothing less but an impressive.

Take a look at the prophecy for the new Nissan GTR.