How the Master Does It – KING SLING Grave Digger in Action!

After we had seen so many other monster trucks in action, right there at Dennis Anderson`s Mud Fest, North Vs South, it is time to see the maestro himself, doing it the right way and show off to everybody just what it takes to be number one at this sport. His green Grave Digger is ready to go on the dirt track and Dennis is giving us such a great performance that would make many of his opponents turn green from envy. A little game of words alright, but pretty much suitable for this occasion, wouldn`t you agree? So we have the mighty and strong King Sling Grave Digger in green, tearing apart this great dirt track.

At the beginning, it seems like it is just warming up, you can see Dennis just tapping it, preparing it for the real deal, which starts happening only a three, or four minutes later. It is not the best from Dennis Anderson that we have seen, but still it is pretty awesome.

Wheelies, long jumps, donuts, he does it all! I know that regardless of the fact whether you like monster trucks or not, most of you will enjoy the following video, I`m sure of that. Have a good time in the next six and a half minutes.

Anyway, there is such thing a thing as a King Sling crash, check it!

Enjoy the video below!

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