This Guy Bought The Cheapest Bentley Continental GT in the US!

Buying a new vehicle is a moment in which we should all enjoy. Going through every aspect of the car is of top most importance hence you want to buy something that is actually good for you. Also, knowing everything about the history of the car is something that you should take care of it. Hereby, in this video we take a look at how this Bentley Continental GT became the cheapest one that you could find in the US. Yes, this well oiled machine as it once used to be was bought for just $27,700. Yes, that is right! Would you buy this cheapest Bentley for you?

This Guy Bought The Cheapest Bentley Continental GT in the US 2

You can get this absolute beast for just fraction of its original price, but is it really worth it? Well, this guy gives all the answers and dilemmas that we have. First of all, this cheapest Bentley Continental GT has had a rough past. It has been over three continents and all the way to Russia and still managed to keep a very low mileage, but is it really so?

Even though at first glance the car looks pretty fine and there is not visible damage on it, wait until you hear its engine. It seems that it`s originally powerful 550 HP engine has been swapped for a one from Lada, engine which currently runs awfully. Even though we do not know precisely everything about the car, it seems like there have been some things going on with it.

This is the only reason that you are going to need to not buy the cheapest Bentley ever!