PRETTY MESSY In The Desert Even For The FORD F650 Truck!

I think that we all know that driving in the desert with a big and powerful truck is always an appealing and exciting thing to do, for everyone who loves adventures and big and powerful trucks! And when it comes to the Ford F650 truck, there are not many out there that can match up with this four-wheeled monster! However, it is obvious that some places are simply too much of a challenge, even for such a great truck!

The following video that we have prepared for you in this article is coming somewhere from the Middle East deserts, where the local Gearheads often love to go outdoors and have a little fun with their vehicles. And this time, they had chosen the powerful Ford F650, and they have surely made a big mistake! A truck as heavy as the Ford F650 truck simply is not for such a terrain, and what happened to them is just inevitable, if you ask me!

However, they have managed to save the day, with the help of those SUVs, pulling the big truck out of the sand! So check out the video and see the whole thing yourself, and try not to make the same mistake, if you got a chance for such a desert adventure. And if you want to see and find out something about the new Ford F650, go to this link.