Ben Bray Resets the Australian 1/4 Mile Record: 6.687 @ 207.53!

This is the moment when Ben Bray aka The Kid reset the new Australian record (the old one was also in his possession) and forever rewrote his name n the history of Australian motor sport. The numbers that stayed behind him were 6.687 seconds and the speed with which he did it was 207.53 miles per hour.

Previously he did it about a year ago and then, numbers were 6.807 seconds at 202.39 miles per hour. When he repeated the same thing, only with over 0.2 seconds, the whole crew went completely crazy after seeing the numbers. And what else is expected right?

This guy is literally re – writing the history books of this sport in his country and deserves every respect and admiration. Thus, Ben is now enjoying his time in history by every right and his fan base is becoming bigger and bigger every day.

Watch the video of this fantastic moment. Anyway, if you are in for an informative article as well, follow this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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