Unpredictable Street Race: 1000hp+ Nitrous C10 vs 700HP Mustang!

Muscle Cars clashed in Los Angeles! We have an AMAZING street race for you guys, just wait `til Nitrous C10 hits again you must see this! We have a Chevy C10 truck with Nitrous plus 1000 horsepower! The car is perfectly tuned and is ready for the streets! The 700 horsepower will try to get in its way and beat this C10 truck that seems to be the front-runner! And it really did turn out so, the C10 had a little trouble in the beginning as the driver lost a little control over the vehicle, but he overcame the problems and went straight for the victory!

Watch Now The Craziest and Most Unpredictable Street Race: 1000hp + Nitrous C10 vs 700hp Mustang!

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