Here Are Some Of The BEST PRANKS Made With The Help Of A TRAIN HORN Kit! These People’s REACTIONS Are HILARIOUS!

Making fun of other people is good to a certain point where the “victims” accept the joke and are not mad. In such case, they show that they understand the joke and their sense of humor as well. But sometimes, in order to have more fun, people decide to prank unknown people. Depending on the prank, it can be successful or not. And by successful we mean funny.

Naturally, it isn`t funny for most of the people being mocked, but for us, the spectators, it is! A lot! That`s why we decided to share one video full of the best pranks made with the Shocker Classic 228VX train horn kit installed underneath this guy`s vehicle! Get ready to have some fun! Anyway, at the very beginning the guy filming the video clip, briefly describes his train horn kit. It is consisted of an air compressor mounted in the trunk and 4 air horns mounted on the bottom of the vehicle.

After this, the show with the best pranks ever begins! You will watch dozens of scared individuals and each and every one of them react in their own unique way which makes this video even more entertaining! In other word, you will see people jumping, falling from skateboards and screaming when the train horn kit is being activated.

However, there are cases when some people are simply nonchalant i.e. ice cool and even greet this idea. But the medal always has two sides. What we are trying to say that at the end of the video some other man began to follow the crew recording the video and started throwing objects towards their vehicle! Obviously, this anxious man was not in the mood for joking that day. Also, at this point, we would like to give a little remark for the parts where they scare the animals. There was no need for that.

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